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For the Love of Science

In March 2021 I met a fellow homeschool mom and we just clicked. We spent 2 hours chatting about our love for science and the STEAM classes she was hosting and how I would love for my children to join.

With Covid-19 restrictions still very stern, group classes weren’t being conducted in the same manner as usual. Instead individual, boxes had to be packed for each child.
She hated packing these boxes, she would get distracted half way through and lose track of which packets still required items to be complete. I, on the other hand, loved packing boxes. I was organised and systematic.
See, while her strength was teaching classes that would have me running for the hills, mine was prepping boxes.
Isn’t it incredible how we can share the same interest but have a completely different skill set and approach to it?

Quwin doing a project with Create Esteamed Kids during a Create Confident Kids class.
Quwin living out his inner engineer with this fun STEAM Project.

Create Confident Kids Classes

In June 2021 she launched a first of its kind in South Africa – ‘Create Confident Kids’ classes.
This course was designed to help tweens and teens reach their full potential and do so with confidence.
It focuses on recognising your strengths and how to make your weaknesses work for and not against you. It teaches them about goal setting, reaching for your goals step-by-step and building up the grit to finally reach it.

The reason I sent my overconfident 8-year old to the class was:
1. I wanted him to understand that there were others that don’t share the same personality and confident level as him and how he needed to treat them. (Like his younger brother.)
2.  I wanted him to learn how to manage his own emotions as much as he could. Keeping in mind we do have the Tourette’s diagnosis.

Those were my two main reasons, but we’ve gotten so much out of this class already. Yes, I said we because I’m learning just as much as he is.
She’s inspired me to see my children in a different light and reminded me to lead by example by setting my own goals again.

The purpose of this video was to highlight his strengths and skills and put it into an ‘advert’ as if selling yourself. Even now, months later, when he’s having a bad day and feeling like he can’t do anything, I play this to him. It immediately snaps him back and gets him to focus on what he CAN do instead of the challenges.

The Bonus – STEAM!

On top of that AMAZING class, they always end it off with a STEAM project. This is an added bonus, since it was where our initial interest started. My 6-year old has joined the STEAM class too and loves learning about “all the science” as he calls it. Then getting to build a cool project to instil the theory they’d just learnt. Another two years and he will start the Create Confident Kids class too and I can’t wait!

Go for a trial class

She’ll open up new enrolments for the class soon. If you’re anywhere near the Pretoria East area, definitely contact Jenna to try out a lesson. The information taught is truly invaluable. Check out her Facebook page Create Esteamed Kids for her contact details.

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