Do I need a website for my Mama Business?

The short answer is, No. If creating a website is what’s keeping you from getting started, don’t even give it a second thought.

Do what you need to do to get your business off the ground and start making money, everything else can follow suit.

Website for your Mama Owned Business

Social pages as website alternatives

Social media pages have advanced so much over the last few years, that you really can get by without a website. You simply need to find the one that suits your business needs best.

(Facebook) Meta Business has many features that could easily replace a website. All the necessary Contact and business information comes standard with the page. With customisable templates to choose from you can add, About pages; Products or Services; a Gallery and even Review pages to name a few.

If you’d like to sell products online, Facebook & Instagram Shop integrates with a few different ecommerce platforms. You can also use it as a simple catalogue and have clients contact you directly.

Google My Business also offers a free website, but last time I checked, not nearly as many features or the same functionality of a Facebook Business Page.

Credibility of a Website

All that said, there is just a credibility that comes with having a website, especially for an established business. So once your business is making money and you can see this as something you’d like to grow, you’d want to turn your focus to building a corporate identity. Only then you’d need to look at logos, websites etc.

A Simple Landing Page

Just a simple Landing Page with a brief description of your business, a few images and links to take you back to your active social media pages is enough to confirm the legitimacy of your business to a client, should they decide to look it up. You can always add onto it later. For this, you simply need a domain name and a hosting company.

Landing page

VE Host for your Domain Name & Hosting Company

When I decided to build this website again, I looked for the cheapest available options, because I wasn’t sure if I was ready to commit the time needed to make it a success this time around. I didn’t want to spend money on something that would just be on the back burner like before.
I found VE Host, committed because of the price and was blown away by their customer service and user friendly set-ups.
They offer Domain Registrations from only R85 per year and Hosting Packages from only R35 per month. That is ridiculously low and considering the fact that they assisted me through a hiccup after 9pm on a Sunday evening FOR FREE, I am very happy to stay with them long-term.
I’ve since, signed up with them as an Affiliate, so you can use my referral link once you’re ready to sign up. At no cost to you, they will pay me a small percentage of your sign up costs as well as a percentage of your monthly hosting fee. If you’re happy with their service, I suggest you sign up for the Affiliate program too. You’ll definitely be sharing your experiences with others, might as well get paid for it.

VE Host

Don’t have the skills to build a Website?

Nowadays, building websites have become very user friendly. If registered with VE Host, you’ll be able to access a free website builder or use WordPress to build one all by yourself. You can choose a template you like, replace the info with your own and voila! I know this, because I have ZERO skills and everything you see on this site, I did myself. Sure it’s not fancy, but I am learning as I go and I am proud to say it is my handy work.

However, if you’d like a professionally built site that will take a fraction of the time (because you don’t have to trial and error) I absolutely recommend using Kami Kind Enterprises. Their packages are affordable and specifically designed to assist Mama Businesses. They can assist in the start-up process, build your website as well as handle the monthly management thereof.

Kami Kind Enterprises

As a side note, they also offer other business related services that you might be interested in.

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