Fooood – Eating is my self-care!

I LOVE to eat! To the point where I think it can legitimately be considered a hobby. Nothing matches the warm fuzzy feeling I get from good food.

I’m a Garfield “Love me, feed me, ever leave me.”

Although I would appreciate a day at the spa, going for my nails or being swept away for a romantic getaway, if you really want to spoil me, just feed me! I don’t even care if it is a meal at a fancy restaurant, a picnic, a wholesome home-cooked meal or fast food at a drive-thru, food is food and I will definitely love you a little more for filling my tummy (and my love tank). Yes, I realize that I am pretty lucky to not have a health or weight issue (yet). I figure, my luck will run out at some point, but while it lasts, pass the potatoes.

Me, eating again aka self-care

Self-care is not the same for everyone.

The reason I am sharing my love for food with you is to be clear that self-care doesn’t have to be something extravagant, it doesn’t have to be retail therapy, a day at the salon or a girls day out. It might be, if that’s how you recharge. You can’t look at what others do as self-care and force yourself to do those things in hopes you’ll feel “cared for”. It will cause more anxiety and guilt trying to find the time or resources to copy and paste what society sells as self-care and guess what? You’ll come back, feeling just as drained as before, just with the added stress of what you had to give up or exchange in order to do some “self-care”.

Now don’t get me wrong, for some ladies a day at the salon is Heaven! Getting to relax, being pampered and chatting to other women could fill their love tanks completely. A weekend getaway from the stresses of everyday life, could be just what they need. YOU need to find what self-care means to YOU.

If having your nails done is self-care for you, I definitely recommend Bederfie Potchefstroom.

Perhaps some alone time?

A friend of mine finds her happiness in solitude, so do I. She enjoys quiet time, by herself to read a book. I can most certainly relate to that. I recharge in stillness. The busyness and noise of everyday life is something that tires me out quickly. I’ve often wondered if that is why I am such a night owl. When the world around me quiets down, is when I can hear myself. When I am able to listen to what my body and mind needs from me. Which often leads to food, so hey, let’s add a midnight snack and we’ll tick all the boxes.

What is self-care for you?

In all honesty though, what is self-care to you? If you’re not sure, I’d like to encourage you to take some time to explore it. Don’t rush it. Take your time to find what makes you happy, what recharges you. Once you know, even if it took you a year to figure it out. The best gift you can give yourself is to schedule in YOUR self-care as often as needed. Just know, YOU DESERVE IT.

Biltong - food is my self-care
If you ever need to bribe me, Biltong is my treat of choice.

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