Making little girls’ dream a reality

When I grow up, I want to be…

We all had childhood dreams while growing up.  Some wanted to be firemen others, astronauts or superheroes.  For the little girls of Dance Inc. Randfontein it might be to become world famous Ballerinas and we’d like to help them get one step closer to realising that dream.

Ballet teacher, Ilse de Bruin, has a dream to get her little ballerinas on stage in 2023.  Not just any stage, but a proper theatre stage, where they will perform a full theatre production.  This could be the start of something amazing and she’s determined to make it happen.

Why they need support:

Hiring a theatre is not cheap and funding this event, is their biggest obstacle.  Many of these girls dance on partial or full sponsorships.  This means, someone other than their parents are responsible for their class fees (and knowing their teacher, I’m sure she takes care of most of it). Thus, looking at the parents alone to fund this, will not be an option.  Ilse, will however not let that get her down.

She knows a little about defeating the odds.

When Ilse was a little girl, excited about starting her own ballet classes, all the odds were stacked against her.  Due to medical challenges, ballet would not be a suitable sport for her to pursue.  Luckily, children don’t care about Doctors and their diagnoses so she joined the class anyway.  As she grew older the medical effects on her body became more challenging for her as a dancer.  She did not have your typical “ballerina built” and was told she’d never be able to dance on pointe.

Without going into detail and fast forwarding two decades, she has a dance degree and has perfomed in some major theatre productions. Here is she is, still dancing and performing, now teaching ballet and inspiring little girls to not be defined by their circumstances or obstacles.

I’m on board to help, please join me:

I’m committing to help get these girls on stage and will continue to look for ways to assist and/or contribute, starting with my newest product – The Mama Shirts

R20 of every shirt sold through our website will go towards helping these little girls’ dream of performing on stage come true.

Get your shirt now to save your breath and support little dreams at the same time.

You can also donate towards this initiative via Snapscan.

If you’d like to support in another way, please contact Ilse de Bruin on

Visit their website or keep an eye on their Facebook page to follow their progress.

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