Yoco for your Mama owned business

In a cashless world, having a card machine for your business is a necessity. A portable one is a complete game changer.

I chose Yoco, this is why:

I bought a Yoco machine about a year ago and haven’t looked back since. It has completely eliminated the run-around of getting paid.

Yoco card machine for your Mama Owned Business.

Card payments on the GO

I always have a few Sh’Zen products in my bag. If I happen to make a sale while being away from the office (home), I simply take out my Yoco card machine, connect it to my phone and within seconds I can accept card payments, right there in the parking lot, movie theatre or public bathroom.

Yoco for my Sh'zen business

Payment Links

With the Teach me Mama Learning activities and the Kami Kind Nappies, clients usually contact me via Whatsapp to place their orders. Again, my Yoco is my go-to payment method. I simply open the App on my phone, select the products they purchased from my already set-up product lists. It generates a payment link that I share directly to their Whatsapp from the App.
My client then simply follows their unique link, punch in their card details and click “Pay”. Voila! The best part about this method is that I do not have to wait for proof of payments or take a client’s word that they’ve made the payment like with normal EFTs. The moment their payment is completed, I get an email saying “Suzie paid you R420”.

Yoco for my Teach me Mama business.

Online Store

The third way I use and love my Yoco is completely automated. I’ve linked it to our online store where clients can choose to pay via card or online transfer. In both cases, Yoco handles everything and I can track each payment on my App.

Yoco for online store

Every one of these features are absolutely FREE! I paid for my Yoco machine ONCE and now I own it. No monthly rental fees or minimum transactions. They simply take a small percentage of each transaction. Which means, you only pay, when you get paid. Their fees are very reasonable and at the time I decided on the Yoco, their fees were overall the lowest in comparison with other providers. Their fees start from 2.95% and gets lower, the more you transact.

Cash Advance

A new bonus feature (one that I’ve also used) is the Cash Advance for when you need a bit of a capital boost.
Once you’ve used your Yoco for a while and built up some credibility with them, you may qualify for a Cash Advance based on your transaction history. With this feature, they provide you with a Cash Advance, that wont incur monthly interest. You choose your Cash Advance amount based on the offer they provide you with, this will show all additional costs involved with accepting the offer, so no nasty surprises later.
Repayment of your Cash Advance is easy and hassle-free. You will choose a repayment period and deduction percentage that you are comfortable with. At the end of each day when your daily transactions are being processed, they will simply deduct your chosen percentage from the total and the balance will be paid into your bank account.

Yoco cash advance

Quick Pay-outs

From the moment of your transaction to payment into your account takes about 2 business days (weekends and public holidays might affect this). Then it simply depends on how long your bank takes to clear your funds. I’ve had payments reflect as quick as within a day from transaction.

Use my Referral Link

This is my card machine of choice and absolutely one that I would recommend. In fact, I’ve been recommending it for years (since we got one for my mom’s business many moons ago) and now they finally have a referral system. If you’re keen to get your machine and this post helped at all with your decision making, please consider using my referral link. This will make no cost difference to you (sometimes they do actually offer a discount when purchasing through a referral link), but it will mean a kick-back for me once you’ve completed transactions to the value of R1000. So basically once you’ve tried and already fallen in love with your Yoco as much as I have.


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